Day 51: Photo Ideas

I am grateful for photo ideas and I just couldn’t pass this opportunity up. So the crazy guy that earlier this year predicted that the rapture would come on May 21, 2011 and of course that day came and went and the only thing I had was a hangover from […]


Day 50: Rechargeable Batteries

I am grateful for my Apple rechargeable batteries. I was going through AA batteries all the time before I got these. Other rechargeables never worked that well, but these little beauties are perfect for my wireless keyboards, wireless mouse and wireless trackpad.


Day 49: Season Tickets to the Civic Center

I am grateful that I got season tickets for the Civic Center this year! It’s a season full of some great shows. In addition to these tickets, I’m going to get tickets to Wicked and Rain, neither are part of the season ticket program. I am grateful that we have […]


Day 48: Watches

I am grateful for my collection of watches. This photo is just a sample of four that I have worn recently. I have over a dozen and am always looking for new ones. My taste tends to navigate to the more expensive ones, and it’s my wish to someday on […]


Day 47: Useful Gizmos

I am grateful for clever little gizmo gadgets like this one. It’s a simple 3-way bubble level designed to fit in my camera’s hot shoe. What a great idea!


Day 46: Supporting Kid’s Dreams

I am grateful for the opportunity to support a child’s dream. My little brother, Austin, loves football. Today was the last game of the season and even though I could care less about the sport, it’s important to him, therefore it’s important to me. I believe we have to be […]


Day 45: Siri

I am grateful for Siri. Siri is one of my favorite features of the new iPhone 4S. Yesterday, I was on the way to the movies to see The Ides of March with Brian and I got a text from my friend Rob. I was able to reply back to […]


Day 44: My iPhone 4S Arrived

I am grateful that my new iPhone 4S arrived this morning a little after 9am from UPS. I’ve been looking forward to this since they announced it a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t get the experience of waiting in line at the Apple store this time, but got it […]


Day 43: MOO Business Cards

I am grateful for finding a company that finally understands business card needs for artists. MOO Cards does make an artist pick just one of their photos for the back side of their business cards, they allow an artist to choose up to 50 images for the back of their […]


Day 42: My Timberland Boots

I am grateful for my Timberland boots. I found these boots in Provincetown last year at the end of summer and they have been my favorite fall/winter shoes since then. Very comfortable, stylish and goes jeans or chinos, what more could I ask for.