Day 35: Steve Jobs

I am grateful for having been touched by the visionary of Steve Jobs. Steve passed a few hours ago and my heart breaks at the sadness this brings. This man brought a world of technology to us that we many could never comprehend. I am writing this blog on the iMac that he designed. I first read of his death on the iPhone that he designed. What he brought us was way more than we have ever gotten from any other individual in technology. Steve’s passion for design has brought the world so much. Some would call me an Apple fanboy, and I would proudly tell them they are right. I’ve learned and grown so much as an individual from watching and following the passion Steve has brought to our world. I’ve even named my web design/graphic design business after his early ad campaign for “thinking different”. Steve thought different, he imagined what could be and what should be. He may not always been the first, and not always the largest, but to his following he was the best in the design. Apple didn’t invent a lot of stuff, but they took a simple idea and brought us levels ahead what others had not even imagined. This one man built an empire that 10 years ago others said wasn’t worth saving and today is the largest by capital of any company in the world. His products provide me with impense pleasure, entertainment and provide me with the tools to express myself creatively unlike anything that has ever been available. I will miss you. The world will miss you. Good bye Steve Jobs. May others follow in your path and with your vision.