Des Moines Skyline at Night

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  1. Hey Larry, trying to meet other photographers in Des Moines to network…learn, collaborate, etc. I have an equal passion for photography and trying to improve my technical skills. Would love to chat sometime and if so inspired….to meet. Let me know of any interest. Great Des Moines Skyline by the way!


    Like your website, did you design??

    • by Larry Bradshaw


      Thanks for the comment on the website. In addition to photography, I do website design. For my photography site, I’m using a modified/customized version of a WordPress template that I really thought worked well for a photographer. It’s called Invictus and can be found at

      If you need assistance with setup or hosting, I would be happy to discuss.

      I’m also looking for other photographers to shoot with and learn with. I’m on Facebook for chatting or you can email me at [email protected].

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